I can be a fly on the wall or
become a swarm of mosquitoes, 
biting as a form of suggestion.

I make prints when I am calm,
I mythologize all that I touch,
I dance in big perfect circles.

If you're giving me a bottle,
I'd take whisky over wine--
I never discriminate
the brewery's location.

When I'm smitten by the Muse,
words cough out of my lips,
hands diligently type at night
until the mind leaves my body.

This is a poor excuse of a 'bio'
mostly because I don't want you
to labor too much at comparing
me with others who'd be better.

Just before you leave forever,
remember that I am more than
your very average photographer.

The one last thing I ask is--
Please don't keep this a secret.

And yes, I can fly everywhere.

I am a photographer and director based in London. I have also dabbled with writing all of my life. I originally came from the Philippines. I also frequent Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Traveling is part of my identity. I have never felt a sense of complete belonging anywhere. I find meaning in documenting my constant desire to move, both physically and mentally.

When my work is at its most honest, you might begin to see shadows where there are none. Some artists pride themselves in knowing exactly how an image or a work of art was created. I am the opposite. I like it when I lose myself in the moment of creation.

The most profound moments of my journey are punctuated with the statement: "I don't know."

Contact me at edric [at] eslchen.com

Instagram @e.s.l.chen